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Dear Diary, Abby's dick grows bigger than Chelsi's in the new video: Giantess & Giant Dick Growth. The girls compare their drastic difference in height, boob size, shoe size, arm size and dick size. They talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a giant penis vs a normal sized penis. Chelsi asks Abby if she would ever want to be bigger and reveals her secret growth pills. Abby takes one and immediately her dick starts to feel weird. She falls to floor in pain grabbing her crotch. When Chelsi inspects Abby's dick it has grown into a humongous dong! Abby suddenly is extremely horny with her newly grown dick and immediately has Chelsi lick and jerk off her monster! They lube up and rub their massive cocks together as the they moan and groan in pleasure! They playfully swing their cocks around and smack them together! Chelsi helps Abby jerk her giant dick off till she cums on her own face. Then Chelsi jerks herself off and unloads on Abby who is stroking herself with her hands and feet on the floor!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Jazmin have fun with cum in the new set: Fap Friends Giving Facials. These two long time jerk-off buddies stroke and suck cocks in bed till they give each other a healthy face full of milky jizz! Also lots of French kissing and dick on dick rubbing!

Dear Diary,
Traci, Crissy and Lana have a jizz soaked time in the tub in the new video: Cutie Cum Bath. The girls smell each other's balls and laugh at the old dried cum on their bodies. They get in the tub and splash the water around with their cocks. With soap they scrub their cocks clean while stroking and tit-fucking each other. Then they rinse their dicks off as they slap them together in the water. They take turns jerking and sucking each other off till they shoot their massive loads on each others faces! They finish by kissing and licking the cum of each other!

Dear Diary, Adela and Nikki get the friction on in the new set: Long Dick Lust in the Library. Having the two longest dickgirls together was bound to happened and what better time to do it than Futanaria's 100th set! Adela the librarian tries to help Nikki study but their horny schlongs make it impossible to concentrate. They rub their serpents together and suck their dicks off. They wrap their cocks together into a dick-twizzler which creates a spectacular cum fountain!

Dear Diary,
Porsha and Heidi clean each other's pipes in the new video: Kinky Cum Plumbing. Heidi jerks off desperately but she quickly gets frustrated because she can't bust her load, so she calls a cum plumber. Porsha the plumber shows up and feels Heidi's balls and shaft to check for blockage. She uses her toilet plungers to massage Heidi's balls and dick head while they stroke her massive shaft. Porsha takes out her snake and skull fucks Heidi, then fucks her doggy style. Heidi rides Porsha's dick while she plunges her nuts. Finally Heidi unloads her huge load on Porsha face and chest. Heidi sucks and jerks Porsha off till she receives her own sperm shower on her face which Porsha licks up for her!

Dear Diary,
Abby's dick grows bigger than Chelsi's in the new set: Giantess & Giant Dick Growth. The girls compare their drastic differences in height, boob size, shoe size, arm size and dick size. Abby gets jealous of Chelsi's girthy dick and takes some of her secret expansion pills which makes her schlong expand to epic proportions! Along with the added size Abby also has added horniness and cum production. They rub their massive dongs together and Abby takes her own cum-load to the face along with Chelsi's!

Dear Diary,
Erica shows what she does with her cock when alone in the new video: Sexy Slut with Stiffy. She struts around as if modeling her cock, at first bulging her tights, then she takes it out to let it bounce around. She puts her dick in her tights again and rubs it through the fabric. She take it out and strokes it using her saliva as lube. She bends over and jerks it with her ass sticking out. She looks directly at the camera and starts talking dirty. She tells you stroke your cock with her. She stands over the camera and jerks off in your face. She thrusts her pelvis, shakes her cock and pretends to slap you in the face with it! She jacks off really vigorously while continuing to talk filthy. Her dick explodes with blasts of jizz and she finishes off cumming in her tights!

Dear Diary, Traci, Crissy and Lana clean each other in jizz in the new set: Cutie Cum Bath. The girls pose with their huge hard bulges in their summer-shorts before splashing in the tub. After scrubing their bodies, rubbing their slippery wet cocks together, and sucking dicks, the three girls bust their loads on each others faces. Then lick each other clean like pussy cats!

Dear Diary, Adela introduces her long dong to Dana in the new video: Extra Long Schlong Encounter
. Dana plays with her cocks and flirts with Adela who initially is a bit timid. Dana finally gets Adela to reveal her massive meat-pole and she can't resist sucking it immediately. Both girls suck on each other's penises and rub them together. Adela spanks Dana in the ass with her dick whip. Dana gets fucked by Adela's cock doggy style then Adela cums on her ass! Dana straddles Adela's serpent while jerking off all three of their dicks together, making both of her double dicks spray cum!

Dear Diary,
Porsha drains Heidi's nuts in the new set: Kinky Cum Plumbing. Heidi is having trouble cleaning her pipes so she calls Porsha the cum plumber who plunges her giant cock till she blasts her massive load all over Porsha's face! Then Porsha gives Heidi a mega facial and licks if off her face!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Abby get drenched in piss and cum in the new video: Preggo Piss Passion. Caitlyn is looking pregnant as ever as Abby lifts up her shirt and rubs her belly. The two lovers kiss passionately, play with their tits and suck each other's dicks through their pantyhose. Abby rubs her erect cock on Caitlyn's preggo belly which makes her need to pee. Caitlyn pisses in her pantyhose then takes her wiener out and pisses all over Abby and in her mouth. All of Caitlyn's piss makes Abby have to go pee, so she drains her bladder all over Caitlyn and in her mouth! After both of them are soaked with warm piss they make out again and grope their wet bodies. They jack off together then take turns completely blasting each other with cum!

Dear Diary, Erica Erect has a smokin hot stroking session in the new set: Sexy Slut with Stiffy. Erica looks stunning with her hard cock protruding out of her fish-net tights. She shows off her penis, jacks off and cums for you.

Dear Diary, Janeen, Heidi and Penny have a cum drenching hoedown in the new video: Cowgirl Cock Dance. The three girlies do some dancing with their wieners wobbling around. They flop their schlongs up and down and giggle as they bounce them against each other. Their flirtatious playing turns into sensual dick rubbing. They take turns sucking and licking each others boners. Penny fucks Janeen doggy style while Heidi jerks off and showers cum on Janeen's head. Then Penny fucks Heidi and cums on her dick, balls and chest, but cum-greedy Janeen makes sure she gets her fill of Penny's jizz in her face and mouth! Extra dick dancing footage at the end of the video too!

Dear Diary, introducing a new dickgirl Adela Anaconda! Adela is a modelesque, strawberry blonde with the longest dick ever, more than 2ft of cock! In the new set: Extra Long Schlong Encounter, Adela fucks Dana's two dicks and fucks her doggystyle with her massive pipe! Adela self-sucks and gets sucked by Dana! So much cock in this set!

Dear Diary,
Chelsi, Mandy and Lauren have a violent jerk-off battle in the new video: Cum Forcing Cat Fight. Wearing fuzzy cat ears and paws the three girls compare their cocks and insult each other. The verbal tension turns violent and they begin slapping, wrestling and ripping each other's shirts off. During all the commotion, someone yells out "first one to cum loses!" From then on the brawl turns into more of a forced jerk-off competition. Their yelling and grunting gets interspersed with more moans of pleasure. They violently stroke each other off in a mosh pit of ecstasy. Lauren gives in and loses, shooting massive wads across the room as Mandy and Chelsi beat her meat. Then Mandy loses and busts her load. As the winner, Chelsi blasts her competitors with gallons of jizz!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Abby play with piss in the new set: Preggo Piss Passion. Abby and her pregnant lover Caitlyn are getting it on as usual, but this time they decide to get kinky and shower each other in piss! This really turns both of them on and makes them cum even harder! They both end up covered in piss and cum from head to toe!

Dear Diary, Traci showers herself in her own sperm in the new video: Fine Female with Fuckpole. Traci shows off and plays with her huge schlong. She paces back and forth with her snake flopping between her legs, and shakes it in your face while she giggles and moans.
She tit-fucks herself a bit, rubbing her dick over her nipples and wiggling it in her cleavage. She sucks herself off, spitting and drooling on the head of her penis. She jerks herself off using both hands, and bounces her cock on the couch. Continuing to jerk off she unloads her semen, shooting long, thick arches of cum all over her face and body!

Dear Diary, Heidi, Janeen and Penny have a sexy schlong session in the new set: Cowgirl Cock Dance. These three cowgirls bump and grind their dicks together, and then fuck each other! Heidi gets her body splattered in spunk and Janeen gets her hair full of jizz!

Dear Diary
, Abby, Porsha, and Janeen fuck and cum together in the new video: Cock Crazy Cheerleaders. The three girls practice their cheers with their dicks flopping around but they quickly get bored and start comparing their dicks sizes. Porsha gets frustrated that she has the smallest dick, so Abby tries to make her feel better by sucking her cock and tit-fucking her! Janeen feeds her massive tool in Porsha's mouth. Soon both Abby and Porsha are simultaneously sucking and licking Janeen's dong. The girls trade off sucking and jerking each other off. Janeen bends over and gets fucked by Porsha doggy style, while she sucks on Abby's cock. Janeen gets on top and rides Porsha who sucks and jerks Janeen off at the same time. Abby jerks off and cums on Janeen's ass as they fuck. Then Abby rides Porsha hard and cums while Janeen showers her with jizz!

Dear Diary
, Chelsi, Mandy and Lauren compete to cum last in the new set: Cum Forcing Cat Fight. Wearing fuzzy feline costumes the girls have a fierce fight ripping each other's clothes off attempting to make each other bust their load! Lots of wrestling, sexy struggling and forced orgasms!

Dear Diary
, Penny and Zoey fuck and get fucked by their daughter, Erica in the new video: Mommies Doing Daughter. Zoey and Penny talk about how their daughter, Erica, has become more disconnected recently. Just as they talk about her, Erica walks in. Zoey and Penny try to comfort and relate to her as moms often do, except they can't help but praise and admire her large erect cock! Erica feels uncomfortable and gets up but her moms keep persisting and start touching and sucking her cock. Seeing that Erica is still uneasy, Zoey and Penny instruct her to jack off while she watches them fuck each other. After Zoey fucks Penny for a while, Zoey has Erica fuck her doggy style. Zoey yells out "Fuck your mommy!" repeatedly as Erica rams and spanks her mom from behind. Then Erica rides Zoey's cock as she jerks herself off. She yells out "Mommy I'm going to cum!" and shoots streams of hot jizz out of her hard dick! Finally, Erica jerks off both her moms and makes them cum all over her cock!

Dear Diary
, introducing another hung hottie Traci Tripod! Traci is a sexy, skinny, tan chick, with soft-ball sized fake boobies and a thick long serpent of a cock! In the new set: Fine Female with Fuckpole, Traci plays with her giant rod and showers herself in her own jizz!

Dear Diary, I'll be on Spice Radio's "The Jerk Box" Friday March 4th at 9:00pm PST. Sirius 108 or XM 248. Listen in or call in and talk to me!

Also, I'm finally on twitter @radrotica!

Dear Diary
, Mandy drenches her body in spunk in the new video: Cum Splattering Cutie. Mandy starts off talking about life with her cock and how horny she is. She dances around wagging and wiggling her cock in a flirtatious, teasing manner. She strokes off her dick and plays with her pussy at the same time. The more she jerks off the more wild and vigorous she gets. She spreads her legs and blasts cum in the air. She almost seems to have a seizure from too much pleasure. She orgasms multiple times, splattering more and more jizz on herself and rubs it all over her body!

Dear Diary, Porsha, Abby and Janeen cheer and get their dicks off in the new set: Cock Crazy Cheerleaders. While practicing their cheers these three horny dickgirls trade off sucking, and fucking their sausages till they cum together!

Dear Diary,
Crissy and Heidi fap their nut sacks dry in the new video: Jizzing Jack-Off Buddies. They sit next to each other with their massive dongs crammed tightly in their clothing and talk about how horny they are. Crissy offers to help Heidi drain her balls and they begin stroking cocks. Crissy tries to suck Heidi off but can't fit her mouth around it. Heidi starts whining like a brat but shuts up when she sucks Crissy cock. They jack off some more and rub their cocks together while they stroke. Crissy rubs her schlong all over Heidi's dick head and down her shaft. Eventually they are about to cum at the same time but Crissy busts her nut before Heidi climaxes. Heidi starts wining like a brat again so Crissy gives her the reverse jerk treatment, jacking her off from behind until her thick monster is spewing jizz!

Dear Diary, Penny and Zoey introduce their Daughter Erica to hardcore sex in the new set: Mommies Doing Daughter. Erica Erect is a typical rebellious young girl with an explosive sex drive and a rock hard erection. She has a beautiful face and long, sexy legs. Her mommies get her to suck their cocks and suck her off too. Then take turns fucking each other till they shoot their loads on each other's cocks!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Jazmin satisfy their sinful urges in the new video: Naughty Nut-Busting Nuns. Jazmin prays while Caitlyn is sucking her cock underneath her robe! She hears someone walking by so Caitlyn gets up and the two nuns stand with their erection pitching tents under their robes. They rub their dicks together thru the fabric and then suck each other off some more. Then Jazmin bends over and lets Caitlyn fuck her up the butt. They moan and groan with pleasure and Caitlyn shoots her load all over Jazmin big butt! She spanks her ass and massages the cum all over her ass. Then Caitlyn gives Jazmin a reach around hand job and makes her splooge in the holy water cup. They rub their cum on each other to bless and repent for their sins.

Dear Diary,
Mandy explodes with jizz in the new set: Cum Splattering Cutie. This is Mandy's first solo scene and she has never looked hotter than this! She eagerly poses showing off her dick from all angles, then jerks herself off till she's covered in cum!

Dear Diary,
Lana gives herself the ultimate facial in the new video: Double Dick Drenching Dialog. Lana walks through the hallway topless with her dicks flopping around. Then she sits down across from me on a couch and has an in depth interview! I ask her many questions about life with her two big cocks and even have her measure her dicks. Her fun, sexy personality comes across with every question. She also stands up several times to show us her entire body as she shakes her dicks and bends over. Then I ask her to demonstrate what her double dongs can do. She sucks herself, jerks off and before long she's blasting cum all over her face. After her bottom dick unloads her top dick continues the cum shower in her mouth. She gruggles and spits out massive amounts of jizz! Thens she say's goodbye with a face full of spunk!

Dear Diary,
Crissy and Heidi have fun masturbating together in the new set: Jizzing Jack-Off Buddies. These two beautiful blondes play with each others bulging boners by sucking and jerking each other off. They ecstatically rub their hard meat sticks together and drain each other's balls!

Dear Diary,
Abby gets intensely fucked by Hailey in the new video: Busty Babes Boning Hard. The girls both dressed in flowing nighties, sitting together in bed when Hailey lies back causing her boner to pitch a major tent! Abby is very surprised and reveals her own dong. They talk and inspect each others cocks and balls. The rub their wieners together and make out. They tit-fuck and trade off giving blow jobs. Abby mounts Haileys cock and gets rammed vigorously as she moans with pleasure. Hailey fucks her doggy style, holding her hair as she pounds her from behind. Then Abby opens her legs and gets fucked missionary as both of their juggs jiggle. Hailey pulls out and shoots her load on Abby's tits!

Dear Diary,
Caitlyn and Jazmin give in to their sinful sexual urges in the new set: Naughty Nut-Busting Nuns. These two nuns are closet dick-girls. While praying their erections pitch tents in their outfits. They touch their dicks together, suck cock and decorate their bodies in each other's cum!

Dear Diary,
Mandy, Lauren and Chelsi use vibrators and fuck each other in the new video: Schlong Sailors with Vibrators. These sailors have just gotten back from sea and are hornier than ever. They talk about their sexual conquests until Lauren takes out her vibrator. She presses its against their dicks while they jerk off, suck dick and rub their boners together. Then Chelsi takes out her industrial strength vibrator and they use it on her balls and pussy. Then Lauren fucks Chelsi till she's spurting jizz. Chelsi tries to cram her extra wide choad into Mandy's cunt but it simply doesn't fit, so Lauren fucks Mandy as well. Mandy rides Lauren's lance like a champ, moaning loud and riding it hard before Lauren unloads on her ass. Chelsi and Lauren rub both vibrators on Mandy's cock and balls while she jerks off and shoots cum. The three girls kiss then rub and wag their dicks together!

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