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Dear Diary, Priscilla, Abby & Janeen get cocky and cummy in the new photoset: Sensual Swordfighting Games. They duel with their dicks by rubbing and tugging at each other!

Dear Diary, Summer shares her dirty little secret with you in: Controlled by Hypersexed Cock. Summer is caught off guard as she's napping and she notices that you've seen her fully erect cock. She is a little ashamed that everything that she does has to revolve around satisfying her insatiable appetite to cum all the time. She talks to you about what it feels like to have to constantly ejaculate and then she shows you what she does to appease her sexual hunger. She strokes her cock over and over again and she gives herself at least three facials in different positions on the lounge. There is so much cum, she end up wallowing in her own pile and rubbing it all over herself!

Dear Diary, Pixie Python makes her debut as my latest dick girl in the new photoset: Self Sexing Shlong Slut. She is a super sexual slutty blonde who loves to suck and fuck herself with her serpent shlong!

Dear Diary, Cathy and Thera show you how they like to jerk off in the new video: Dirty Talking Dick Teasers. They know that you're back to watch them stroke their big hard dongs and they love that you are watching them. They tell you and show you exactly how they want it and they make you jealous that you're not there with them. Cathy and Thera exchange hand jobs and show off their asses and titties while they tug on their boners. They tell you to get on your knees so they can wag their dicks over your face and finish themselves off with big hot facials!

Dear Diary, Penny, Lauren & Tammy take turn fucking and giving facials in the new video: Cock Ladies Making Love. The three girls are hot and horny for each other and all they want to do is have their lady dongs pleasured.

Dear Diary, Pauline makes her video debut in the new video: Hot Hostess with a Hard-On. Pauline is a sex kitten slave and she is there to please you, her master. You want her to tease you by jerking herself off, showing off her tits, and sucking her own cock. She asks for your permission to get horny and it turns her on when she does your bidding. Her penis gets really hard and sensitive and it makes her squeal in ecstasy. When you let her, she blows a giant load just for you.

Dear Diary, Summer is all sexed up and cummed on in the new photoset: Controlled by Hypersexed Cock. She is totally obsessed with obeying her cock and can't help but be driven by sexual desires.

Dear Diary, Janeen desperately tries to join Josie and Trisha's Big Tittie Cock Committee Club in the new video: Big Beautiful Boner Bullies. Janeen submits her application to be accepted, but clearly the other two girls are not amused, nonetheless they humor her. They decide to haze her into the big T double C club by testing her limits. They smother her in their giant gorges of cleavage and nearly choke her with their humongous boners. But Janeen shows her dedication and she takes it all. They have her lay on her back as they tittie fuck her small, 12-inch penis and suffocate her in their mammary mounds. This turns on Janeen so much that she prematurely ejaculates all over them! Trisha is enraged but Josie seems to be amused. They decide to teach her a lesson by cumming all over her in return.

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